Executive Quality Policy

We are committed to satisfy our customers by meeting their requirements at all stages in the most competitive and efficient manner.  This is one of the fundamental importance to the continued success and the growth of our company.

This will be accomplished by all of us taking the responsibility for achieving the quality objectives set forth for various processes and by expecting the same high standards from our suppliers and each other.

All of us, through our various skills, expertise, competence, and efficiency will continually seek to improve our processes with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Safety Policy and Commitment

SBC recognizes its responsibilities for effective management of Safety within the scope of its contractual obligations on each of its projects.  The company respects and acknowledges the Safety First Concept as a measure to assess the success of any construction company, especially in the oil & gas industry.

There is also a recognition of the fact that control of accidents is the result of management and employees working together for a common objective.  The leadership for such an effort shall, however, originate from the management.

SBC shall ensure that a practical and effective program of accident prevention is established on each of its projects and that all aspects of management and supervision of the project incorporate the fundamentals of the program.

The SBC Safety Program shall comply with the requirements of the Contract.

It is the policy of SBC to provide and maintain safe and healthy working environment and to follow operating practices to safeguard its employees as well as the facilities and result in efficient operation.